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About us

Huixian Wanda Graphite Mold Factory was established in 1991, located in Changcun, Huixian, 453000Xinxiang, China. Our company have grown into one of the leading manufacturers for graphite products in China with rich experience and outstanding staff team. 

Our main products include: 

1) Graphite molds for diamond tools

2) Sintering molds for geological drill bit 

3) Graphite crucible for jewelery industry

4) Graphite dies for continuous casting

5) Graphite for mechanical seals

6) Graphite for electrical industry

7) Graphite heating elements 

8) Graphite for glass, copper and aluminum industries

We are a professional manufacturer of high-purity carbon-graphite products. Our products are widely used in the industries of diamond tools, machinery, mold, petroleum, chemical, textile, and electromechanical. It is our principle to based on quality and satisfy customers.

We have gained trust from more and more customers from at home and abroad. Various graphite products can be made at customers' request as well. We are willing to serve domestic and foreign customers sincerely. We aim to be your partner not only in business but also in friendship. If you require any our products, please send us your inquiry. We will reply to you WITHIN A WEEK(7days) with an offer.

The quality is a life, develop just is a hard truth", Wanda will with more robust step, head into more recent step.



Contact: Mark Miao

Phone: +86 15937337953

Tel: 0373-5816886


Add: Changcun, Huixian, 453000Xinxiang, China.

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