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Graphite mold ultrafine particle structure technical difficulty

Ultrafine particles of graphite mold, compared with the above excellent characteristics, but we searched the vast majority of domestic carbon manufacturers, but almost no production of such graphite blanks. Market only German company SGL, Toyo Carbon company's product sales, while its price is surprisingly high, is the fine structure of ordinary graphite offer 3 to 4 times. The reason should be the production process is very difficult, mainly reflected in the following aspects:
(1) Carbon materials superfine grinding process is extremely difficult. Domestic 3R or 4R Raymond generally use powder, carbon particles having an average particle size can only reach 37 ~ 45Lm, individual manufacturers reach 25Lm. Milling efficiency is relatively high. To the average particle size of ground to 2 ~ 10um, its milling considerable difficulty, using ultrafine mill, the production efficiency is very low, less than hourly output 15Kg, particle detection requires specialized equipment for mass production concerned, is extremely difficult, rising costs are high.
(2) carbon powder ultrafine particles, and its bulk density is very low, molding air discharge is difficult, can easily lead to internal repression blank bubbles and cracking.
(3) The fine particle structure of graphite is difficult to eliminate internal cracking defects, low yield. The average particle size of less than 10Lm ultrafine graphite products produced in the roasting process of graphitization, easy to produce bubbles, easy generate internal cracking, external cracking and other defects, the yield is very low. To reduce cracking and improve its baking, graphitization yield, to adopt special slow speed heating and cooling, which in turn greatly extend its production cycle, increasing the funds takes time, making the costs.


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