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Reasons for the distance of Domestic and foreign graphite mold

The past three decades, China's hot diamond drill geological graphite mold has made substantial progress, however, with Europe and other developed countries, advanced level, there is a big gap. Especially in the graphite mold surface finish and service life, far away from the base. Ultra-fine particles of carbon material, the manufacture of high resistivity, high graphitization degree, a low impurity content, micro-porosity of the graphite, the graphite hot diamond drill geological mold development, but also preparation of high precision with life geological hot drill diamond graphite mold an effective way.

Found geological used in domestic hot drill diamond stone mold, focusing in the pursuit of its high bulk density, high strength, and suddenly the high purity graphite, high degree of graphitization and fine particle size (average particle diameter) .

   Europe and other developed countries in the hot diamond drill geological graphite mold, the pursuit of performance index is ultrafine particle structure, high purity and high degree of graphitization, requires an average particle size less than 15Lm, even 10Lm
The following, medium pore size of less than 2Lm.

   Domestic and international hot diamond drill geological graphite mold microstructure, the domestic graphite mold structure is relatively loose, coarse graphite particles. Abroad are ultrafine particles of graphite mold structure, compact structure, small pore size.


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